Web, Online & Social Media Marketing

You already know that your online presence is a key part of your brand image, and that online or 'inbound' marketing and social media offers rapid interaction with your customers, partners and prospects.

However if you are busy chasing sales and running a company you may not have the time or specialst skills to get the best out of web, online and social media marketing - this is where BPNX can help.

Web, Online & Social Media marketing from BPNX can include:
  • Website design & production - we build inviting and effective B2B websites, which turn visitors into customers. So whether you want a totally new website, an existing one refreshed, or critical content updated we can help. 
    • Any new website we build can come with content management tools so you can control and update your own site - it's your website after all!
  • Website optimisation, search engine optimisation (SEO), web analytics & reporting
  • Content marketing - writting effective & engaging web content, and publicising it online
  • Search engine marketing – AdWords, Pay per Click (PPC), online banner adverts.
  • Email marketing - done right emails and e-newsletters offer fast, cost effective, trackable results.
  • Social media & website landing pages – dedicated to your campaign, using: 
    • Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube and others. 


Call us now on 0118 907 6340 or email us at info@bpnx.com to start your new website, online or social media marketing campaign.